Israelights Apparel is a brand-new company that desires to show our support for Israel, the chosen people of God, by giving to two worthy Israel focused charities. We are excited to share that God has given us a way to give back to the suffering Israeli people through organizations such as the Joseph Project and the Ethiopia Relief.

The Joseph Project serves as many as 200,000 Israelis. More than 21% of the country lives below the poverty line, including hundreds of thousands of children, the elderly and new immigrants. The Ethiopia Relief while there are more than 130,000 Ethiopian Jews now living in Israel, there are still more than 75,000 Beta Israel/Ethiopian Jews living in Ethiopia. Over 95% of this community is prosecuted for being Jewish and lives in dire poverty, lacking food, clean water, and access to adequate medical care.

The Israelights working with MJAA will help bring relief to our suffering brothers and sisters with food medical equipment, clean water, hygiene supplies, adult and baby diapers, clothing, shoes, school backpacks, and children toys.

Spectacular Royal Blue Hi Top

Psalm 78: 4-7


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